Program “Support for frontline communities”

Program “Support for frontline communities”

Support for frontline communities: Solidarity, Help, Recovery

In the difficult conditions of the current conflict, when the lives of entire communities change in an instant, our charitable foundation is focused on providing critical support to residents of the frontline areas.

Understanding their needs and difficulties, we have launched assistance programs aimed at improving living conditions and providing basic necessities.

support and protect those who have faced the greatest challenges as a result of the conflict.

Strategic goal and activities 2024

Continued support for the most vulnerable

We pay special attention to the communities in Kherson and Donetsk oblasts, where people are living in extremely difficult conditions due to the ongoing hostilities.

Our goal is to provide them with food, hygiene products, clothing and heaters to help them survive the crisis.

Restoring and strengthening communities

We strive not only to meet immediate needs, but also to work to restore social infrastructure and support sustainable development in the frontline regions.

This includes providing access to education for children, medical care for all those in need, and support for the elderly.

Community engagement and development

An important part of our program is to involve the general public in the process of supporting and developing domestic drone production.

We plan to implement a number of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the importance of drones in modern defense strategies, as well as attracting investments and donations from individuals and corporate partners.

This will help not only ensure sustainable funding for projects, but also create new jobs and contribute to the development of the national economy.

Support that changes lives

Do not stand aside. Every contribution, regardless of its size, makes a huge difference to those in need. Whether it’s a donation of food, clothing, hygiene products or heaters, every donation is a step towards restoring normal life for the residents of frontline communities.

Your support is crucial to provide hope and resources to the residents of frontline communities, helping them to cope with the challenges of the present and rebuild their future.

Join us in this noble mission

Together we can achieve incredible results and ensure the security of our nation.



How can I find out what the funds raised are used for?

Your funds will be used to support the program you have chosen. If you donate without specifying a program, the Foundation will distribute your donation as needed.

Is your organization's activity transparent?

Yes, we adhere to the principles of transparency. All reports for each program can be found on the website

How can I help with fundraising?

You can share the information on social media or collect it with our QR code: Download QR pdf