Program “Support to IDPs”

Program “Support to IDPs”

Support for internally displaced persons:
Cooperation, Support, New Beginnings

In response to the acute problem of mass displacement of people due to military operations on the territory of Ukraine, our charitable foundation is actively working to provide assistance and support to internally displaced persons.

In cooperation with other foundations and organizations, we strive to implement programs that will provide IDPs with the necessary assistance to adapt and restore normal life.

We invite everyone who shares our values and is ready to help internally displaced persons find a new home and new prospects to cooperate.

Strategic goal and activities 2024

Providing stability and support

Recognizing the challenges IDPs face after losing their homes and lifestyles, we focus on providing them with housing support, access to healthcare, education for children and assistance in finding employment. Our goal is not only to meet basic needs, but also to help restore a sense of security and stability.

Recovery and integration

We strive to ensure that every internally displaced person has the opportunity for a fresh start and successful integration in a new community. Through cooperation with other organizations and foundations, we develop social support, professional retraining and psychological assistance programs aimed at restoring what has been lost and creating new opportunities for IDPs.

Together we can do more

Now, more than ever, it is important to join forces to support internally displaced persons, help them survive difficult times and build a new life.

Join us in this noble mission

Let each contribution be a step towards a peaceful future and prosperity for all internally displaced persons in Ukraine.


How can I find out what the funds raised are used for?

Your funds will be used to support the program you have chosen. If you donate without specifying a program, the Foundation will distribute your donation as needed.

Is your organization's activity transparent?

Yes, we adhere to the principles of transparency. All reports for each program can be found on the website

How can I help with fundraising?

You can share the information on social media or collect it with our QR code: Download QR pdf