Drones for Victory program

Drones for Victory program

Drone Initiative:
at the forefront of innovation and safety

In response to the growing challenges of our time, the MONOLITH Foundation presents a program to support the development and production of drones, which is the embodiment of our unwavering commitment to the defense and security of Ukraine.

defense in the service of the nation

In close cooperation with leading national manufacturers, we are focused on creating innovative unmanned aerial vehicles that are an important element in the strategy of protecting our soldiers at the front.

Strategic goal and activities 2024

Integration and development

Providing the military with modern technological solutions, drones, is a crucial factor on the modern battlefield.

Our program is aimed at integrating the latest developments in the field of UAVs for effective reconnaissance, monitoring and logistics, significantly increasing the safety and efficiency of military operations.

An online educational project

Special attention is paid to education and training. The planned opening of an online school for drone operators and technicians in 2024 will be an important step in training qualified specialists.

The school will offer comprehensive programs developed in collaboration with leading industry experts, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of drone use, maintenance, and repair.

We aim not only to expand the capabilities of Ukrainian defense with the help of drone technology, but also to open new prospects for young and ambitious specialists in this field.

Oleksandr Kabanov

Community engagement and development

An important part of our program is to involve the general public in the process of supporting and developing domestic drone production.

We plan to implement a number of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the importance of drones in modern defense strategies, as well as attracting investments and donations from individuals and corporate partners.

This will help not only ensure sustainable funding for projects, but also create new jobs and contribute to the development of the national economy.

Partnership and cooperation

One of the key aspects of the success of our program is the establishment of strong partnerships with universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises.

This cooperation will not only facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, but also accelerate the development of the latest technologies, thus providing advanced solutions for the country’s defense needs.

We encourage everyone who shares our values and vision to join our initiative.
Your support can take many forms: from volunteering and providing expertise to financial contributions and participation in educational programs

Join us in this noble mission

Together we can achieve incredible results and ensure the security of our nation.


How can I find out what the funds raised are used for?

Your funds will be used to support the program you have chosen. If you donate without specifying a program, the Foundation will distribute your donation as needed.

Is your organization's activity transparent?

Yes, we adhere to the principles of transparency. All reports for each program can be found on the website

How can I help with fundraising?

You can share the information on social media or collect it with our QR code: Download QR pdf