Program “Support for defenders”

Program “Support for defenders”

Support for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Dedication, Responsibility, and Resilience

Our charitable organization is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to the heroes who are defending Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence in the difficult conditions of the current conflict.

Paying tribute to the heroism of our soldiers, we implement comprehensive assistance programs: humanitarian support for soldiers and repair of vehicles damaged in combat.

Strategic goal and activities 2024

Technical indestructibility on the front lines

We provide repairs and maintenance of vehicles for soldiers involved in the combat zone.

By cooperating with car repair shops run by war veterans, we not only restore vehicles to combat readiness, but also pass on the baton of experience and knowledge to younger generations.

This allows us to ensure the reliability and safety of our soldiers at the front.

Humanitarian support for the defenders

Our humanitarian support program includes the supply of food, clothing, heating equipment and other essential goods for survival in difficult conditions.

Commitment to meeting the basic needs of our heroes is critical to their moral and physical resilience.

We encourage everyone who shares our vision and feels responsible to our heroes to join our initiative. Your participation can be varied: from financial contributions to volunteer work. Every contribution, regardless of its size, is important and contributes to the support of our defenders.

Alexander Kabanov

Together to victory

Supporting our soldiers is not only an expression of respect and gratitude for their enormous contribution to the defense of our country, but also a contribution to our common future, where peace and security will prevail. Each initiative and contribution brings us closer to this goal, strengthening the spirit of our soldiers and showing them that they are not alone in their struggle.

Your help is our strength

Join us to ensure the continued support of our defenders. Your participation can take the form of organizing meetings, participating in volunteer programs, spreading the word about our initiatives, or simply expressing your support. Every action, big or small, makes a huge difference.

We are open to cooperation with anyone who shares our values and is willing to contribute to supporting our soldiers. Visit our website to learn more about how you can get involved or contact us directly to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

Your support can take many forms: from volunteering and providing expertise to financial contributions and participation in educational programs.

Join us in this noble mission

Remember that together we are stronger, and every contribution leads us to victory and a peaceful future for Ukraine.


How can I find out what the funds raised are used for?

Your funds will be used to support the program you have chosen. If you donate without specifying a program, the Foundation will distribute your donation as needed.

Is your organization's activity transparent?

Yes, we adhere to the principles of transparency. All reports for each program can be found on the website

How can I help with fundraising?

You can share the information on social media or collect it with our QR code: Download QR pdf